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I am the purveyor of beautiful yarn and tea at L'Oisivethé et Tricot in Paris, France. Always knitting, playing with Max & Alixe while riding my bike and drinking tea.

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Acting like a big girl. Wanting to do what her brother does. Wear costumes. Draw pictures. She’s just as hard to photograph as her brother was a this age. But sometimes I get lucky…

My loves. Taking photos of these two are so hard but at the same time I adore these funny portraits I end up catching. Max refusing to put pants on and Alixe obsessing over her brother’s suitcase. Then Max deciding it was time to do yoga for the photo. My crazy monkeys.

The bubs. I had every intention of taking monthly portraits of these two together. As Alixe gets older this task gets hard and harder. I can get one child to look at me but then the other is either blinking, playing with a toy and crying. 

As you can see, girlfriend in the second photo wasn’t going to have anything to do with her brother the minute he wanted to share the Trip Trapp with her. 

And in the third, Max was throughly fed up with his sister and openly objecting to the fact that she had crawled up on the table. 

I snapped away and then put the camera away because danger baby was immediately standing on the table walking towards me. 

She is so good at feeding herself and she’s only 13 months old. You should see her climb. She’s scary good…

A little photo session before heading out to the Creche this morning. Alixe was so happy and smiley this morning considering the little sleep she got last night.

One last diaper change at the Creche before heading home for the day.

We had a pretty lazy Sunday. I didn’t need to go into the tea house this morning so my Sunday was entirely for the family. We woke up late and had pancakes, bacon and eggs for lunch. All four of us took a nap together and woke up and played all afternoon. Alixe is all about being in Maximilien’s business. Max is pretty good about letting his sister play with his stuff most of the time. She climbed up into the chair so she could see what her brother was doing. I absolutely love seeing them play together. Moments after these photos were taken Max body checked Alixe to the floor and she pretty much laughed it off. She’ll let her brother do anything…. for now.

Photo by Julien.

Danger baby strikes again. Apparently, Alixe crawled into the chair while Julien was in the other room and she got herself stuck. We can’t leave her around anything remotely close to the ground or else she’ll climb on it.

Alixe grabbed the spoon from Julien tonight and decided to feed herself! She was super proud of herself and it was entertaining for the rest of us. Time to break out the tarp because I doubt she’ll let us feed her again! :)

Fear this baby when she is hungry!

Alixe, 13 months old.