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I am the purveyor of beautiful yarn and tea at L'Oisivethé et Tricot in Paris, France. Always knitting, playing with Max & Alixe while riding my bike and drinking tea.

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Acting like a big girl. Wanting to do what her brother does. Wear costumes. Draw pictures. She’s just as hard to photograph as her brother was a this age. But sometimes I get lucky…

I realized in this moment that the baby days are numbered. She’s growing up so fast.

Alixe, 14 months old.


Again, I’m trying to get these two together for a photo. My sister had each of us in the family made a t-shirt that says Osbourn to Rock! So, this photo is for my sister Erin who is traveling through Central America on her own! I’m thinking about you, Erin and keep sending us those updates!

A lunch date with a good friend. Found a place that makes really delicious burgers and they had an excellent French Onion soup. I realize that with my good girlfriends I love to go out to eat with them. Our lives are so busy but we can find time to take a couple hours to meet, catch up and mange!!

My loves. Taking photos of these two are so hard but at the same time I adore these funny portraits I end up catching. Max refusing to put pants on and Alixe obsessing over her brother’s suitcase. Then Max deciding it was time to do yoga for the photo. My crazy monkeys.

Ah, this one frustrates me with her inability to sleep or stay asleep. Alixe is very strong willed and much more advanced for her age than what I was used to with Maximilien. I love her something fierce that is for sure. Different yet the same kind of love I feel for Max.

There’s our wee little stand. As you can see it’s a bit dark in our stand but it worked out fine. The yarn colors still radiate and enticed the trade show goers. If I do this again next year, lamps are on my list!

Third day of the trade show. Still enjoying myself especially since I got to spend the whole day surrounded by all these glorious colors!

Second day of crafty trade show. Sold a lot of my lovely yarns especially this one from Sweet Georgia called Silk Crush.